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What is the Orange Foundation?

The Orange Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1976 to receive contributions from local residents and to distribute the earnings on those donations to local recipients as scholarships or grants. Generally, we have 10% of the earnings go back into the funds so that the principal grows slightly more than inflation, and we distribute the rest of the earnings. We currently have over $1.4 million in investments. We are a 501 (c)(3) corporation, which means that your donations can be tax deductible.

Who benefits from the Orange Foundation?
In a typical year, we distribute $15,000 in scholarships to local students attending college and $15,000 in grants to local community groups. These groups included: the American Legion, Camp Cedarcrest, the Orange Historical Society, the Orange Senior Center, Orange Arts and Culture Council, Orange July 4th Celebration, Orange Memorial Day Parade, and Eagle scout projects. As you can see, we assist a wide variety of groups.

Why should I give to the Orange Foundation?
Although Orange is a fairly affluent community there are still organizations and people in our community that do not have sufficient funding to meet all of their needs. With regard to college scholarships, tuition, room and board at a private university is often $30 to $50 thousand a year. In the past few years, we have assisted students whose parent was deceased, divorced, disabled, or unemployed. Other students have received scholarships as an acknowledgement for a job well done in the classroom and in their extracurricular activities.

How much of my donation makes it to the recipients?
The members of the Orange Foundation are volunteers and, therefore, do not receive monetary compensation for their services. Our major expense is the fees from our trustee bank for services rendered in connection with our investments.

When should I donate?
Our Foundation does not have an annual fund raising campaign. We receive donations throughout the year. A significant amount of our donations come from the estates of the deceased. Many people are concerned about unforeseen health costs and feel more comfortable in donating in their will. You can contact us ahead of time so that we are sure to distribute your donationís earnings in accordance with your wishes. We can help you understand any restrictions you may want on distributions or investment options.

Where can I get more information?
Visit our website or write us at the address listed below to receive our brochure or more information. Or, you can talk with us at our booth in the Orange Country Fair in the Civic Tent.

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