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Scholarship Directions
With the exception of the Tripp scholarship, all scholarship recipients need to be residents of Orange, Connecticut. All applications need to be postmarked by April 15th. In June, we will notify all those who have been awarded scholarships. Once the scholarship recipients are announced, the recipients will need to provide the name and address of the college that they are attending so that our bank can directly mail the scholarship payment to the college.

When filling out the application, please print neatly, especially your email address. Each applicant needs to submit:
• a completed application (the other side of this page), including signatures of the applicant and the applicant’s parent
• at least one letter or recommendation from a teacher, coach, or other adult who can help us gain an understanding of you
• an official transcript mailed directly from your high school or college.

We encourage applicants to mail applications in early April so that we can notify you about missing information. Signed applications, letters of recommendation, and transcripts should be mailed to:
Orange Foundation
PO Box 729
Orange, CT 06477

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